Renovations! ZDTC becoming DOGS

The company name Zen Dog Training Center (ZDTC) is becoming Dog Owner Guardianship School (DOGS). The new name clarifies that the training is for the owners.

Every person I’ve talked to about dog owner training still refers to me as a dog trainer–this shows that the habit is deeply ingrained in people and our society. We automatically assume that “behavior problems” start with the dog, not the owner.

This has to, and is about to, change–radically.

Canines do not have “problems” or “bad behavior.” We humans (hominids) impose arbitrary rules on another species and then condemn that species as having “problem behaviors” when what it does is natural for it and inconvenient for us.

ALL training starts with the human. This is the mission of Dog Owner Guardianship School (DOGS). Stay with us as we unleash a sea change on the world of human/canine relationships!


Hats off to Portland Animal Welfare (PAW)

PAW-Clinic3I helped out at the Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) monthly clinic last Sunday. Good experiences, good people, and a good cause!

Contents shifting!

Wow, lots of changes happening. The ZDTC course “Dynamic Leadership” is being retooled; even the company name may change to align with the new focus. We’ll keep you posted!Dog with Santa Hat Popping out of Present 🙂

How well do you know dogs?

Here’s a fun knowledge quiz to see how well you know your canine best friend!

New Meetup Group, “Dynamic Leadership for Dog Owners”

MeetupLogoI started this Meetup group for Zen Dog Training Center and the 8-week course I am presenting, “Dynamic Leadership: Foundations for Dog Owners.”

The course can be purchased as a package or pay-as-you-go. There are still three free spots left. Help spread the word to friends and fellow dog lovers! 🙂

Want to be the CEO?

As I work with dog owners, I stress the importance of creating a two-way relationship with their dog. As much as they teach the dog, they are being trained and taught themselves. The “classroom” is symbiotic: the student teaches the teacher while the teacher instructs the student. DWoman with dogog owners are CEOs–Canine Education Officers.

What can you learn from your dog? Spontaneity, instinct, determination, focus, and balance.

Supporting Portland Animal Welfare (PAW)

Woo hoo! I met with the Executive Director of Portland Animal Welfare (PAW), and I’m going to be the on-site dog training specialist. So excited! PAW

“Triage” for a dog owner

This afternoon, I was able to do “urgent care” triage with a neighbor who just rehomed the dog she has had for two years. She was going through the terrible process of loss and feeling loneliness and guilt. In the end, she  admitted that the dog’s new home would provide all the things she couldn’t (including vigorous exercise). She was able to take one small step on the road to recovery.

“And man created dog…”

The dog owner trwolfaining program I am developing includes this Nature program, The Creation of the Dog.

Before picking out a new family dog–or even considering doing so–the humans need in-depth education about the animal that they are bringing into their lives. A dog is not a human; a puppy is not a human baby; and before it is “Charlie” or even a Jack Russell Terrier or even a dog, it is an animal. It has instincts and prey drives that have evolved over tens of thousands of years, and the better the hominids understand the instincts of Canis lupus, the better for both species.


Bookish dogs with literary names

Do you have a dog with a literary name? Some do–from Romeo or Macbeth to  Dante. What was the inspiration for your dog’s name?

Check out “A Bookish Dog’s Life” and photos in the LA Times.