Woman Rubbing Noses with Puppy

To our dogs, we are pack leaders, teachers, and guides. Much like human children, they watch how we react to different situations, and they copy our emotions and actions. If you yell and stomp your feet when you’re upset, your children learn that yelling and stomping are the correct behaviors!

Your dog is a mirror of your mental/emotional state. When you are anxious, distracted, excitable, unpredictable, angry, or fearful, you will see your dog reflect that state back to you. When you are calm and consistent, your dog will follow your lead. He will learn to be calm and focused, even when other people or dogs are not.

As you discover the true nature of your dog, you discover your own true nature. A harmonious relationship with your dog begins with you. Before you can begin to train your dog, you must train yourself.

Dog owners learn three vital behaviors (in this order):
Being Calm, Clear, and Consistent
Dogs are provided three vital rewards (in this order):
Exercise, Discipline, and Affection


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