Do you have a favorite breed?

Some people are drawn to one particular breed of dog–for its looks, its utility, or some other unknown quality–while others love all dogs, any dog. Me? I’m a Basenji person. I’ve now owned three Basenjis, love their uniqueness, love talking about them with other B-owners and B-curious folks, and find it hard to imagine owning any other type of dog.

If you have a favorite breed, what makes that specific breed so dear to your heart?


One response to “Do you have a favorite breed?

  1. As much as I do love Basenjis…I’m always have a special place in my heart for my Diz-man’s breed- the Smooth Fox Terrier. But, I have three top breeds. Smooth Foxes, the Samoyed, and the Finnish Spitz 🙂 We had a Samoyed mix growing up and there’s just something about that smile and insistent paw…and all the fluff! They’re like giant teddy bears of love. Finnish Spitz though…I just love them. I can’t explain it, I just do 🙂

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