A daily kinhin or walking meditation

When new to the practice of meditation, you may learn new vocabulary:

  • gassho – palms together in front of the heart, usually when bowing
  • kokoro – the heart-mind
  • mondo – dialogue between teacher and student
  • mushin – no mind
  • samu – work
  • satori – momentary enlightenment
  • sesshin – to touch or convey the mind,
  • safu – meditation cushion
  • zazen – sitted meditation
  • zendo – a meditation hall

The term that applies to my daily walks with my dogs is kinhin, which means walking meditation. Some people may partake in a walking meditation in a more formal or structured way. Some may not even realize that they are doing it.

Only my walking meditation, I allow my awareness to move from general to specific and back again. I notice an ant on the sidewalk, then remember that it’s Friday. I hear a blackbird cry and watch it float past me, then think of dinosaurs. I push into a clod of dirt with my shoe, then think of a line of poetry.


3 responses to “A daily kinhin or walking meditation

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