24/7 with dogs

Working from home allows me to be around my dogs all day, every day. It’s the first time that I’ve been with another living creature 24/7: we eat, walk, train, and sleep together. I notice subtle changes in their mood and health that I didn’t when I saw them only in the evenings and sometimes think I’m living a “Jane Goodall” life (without the primates).

It is an amazing thing to experience, first hand and close up, their daily experience, to watch as they grow older day by day.

Are you with your dog (or dogs) 24/7? If so, what do you notice about them, or yourself, that other people might not?


One response to “24/7 with dogs

  1. I was working at home and felt isolated. Then it hit me, I was blessed to be spending my entire day with my two best friends, Duke my German Shorthair Pointer and Yogi my Labrador Retriever.

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