Recall: Different ways to call your dog

When working on recall (calling your dog, and he comes running to you), different owners use different strategies. Some use just the dog’s name, some say “Max, come!”, some use a whistle (either a mechanical whistle or whistling themselves), some use a word like “Treats!” that the dog has learned. Some may clap their hands or snap their fingers.

Because I have two dogs, using both of their names gets cumbersome–especially because one dashes toward me when I call her and the other one chooses to ignore me, has gone deaf in his old age, or has canine dementia. I use a specific whistle of two sounds–one low and soft, one higher and loud–and they have learned that it means “Come over to me, and you’ll get a reward.”

What strategy do you use with your dog?


3 responses to “Recall: Different ways to call your dog

  1. I use a whistle. Makes you look less silly when you are screaming your lungs out.

  2. I call “Come and put your lead on” and it works!! Lucky me wasn’t like that in the past. I did know a man who used to shout “Time for a pint” and the dog would come running!! Just goes to show, doesn’t matter what you call but in the manner it’s called.

  3. Great comment! “Time for a pint!” — I love it! And I agree, the words don’t matter as long as the dog connects them with something fun. 🙂

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