The Zen of poop

Ah, dog poop. One of the necessary elements of a dog owner’s life is, you guessed it, picking up poop. Certainly there are times we’d rather not face a pile (or puddle, such as just after your dog has eaten a bowl of cat food), but face it we must. What on earth can be positive about poop?

  • Shit happens. Everything that lives eats, and everything that eats poops. Just as we were told during potty training, “We all do it.” This is part of the great natural world.
  • The yin/yang of balance means “something in, something out.” Our bodies–and our dogs’ bodies–are marvelously able to decide what stays and what goes.
  • Aren’t you glad that humans and dogs have built-in sanitation systems? What if you couldn’t poop?
  • Your dog’s poop is a barometer of health. It helps to guide you in deciding what his diet needs more or less of.

Every “pick-up bag” of poop can be a mini meditation on the amazing intelligence of an organic system.


One response to “The Zen of poop

  1. To enjoy the cookie, the poop must come!

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