Who Is the Mindful Dog Owner?

From The Mindful Dog Owner by Lori Stephens:

“What does mindfulness make you think of? Sitting in the lotus position and meditating? Stopping to smell the flowers during a walk? Deep concentration while playing a musical instrument?

For students of Zen, Buddhism, and other Eastern philosophies, mindfulness is both all-encompassing and difficult to describe with words.

Alan Watts commented, quoting Suzuki, on the state of satori, “It’s like ordinary everyday experience, except about two inches off the ground.” Ordinary, everyday experience—lived with full attention, full commitment of mind and body—is mindfulness. It is awareness with curiosity and without tension. It is accepting every experience exactly as it is, without desiring it to be something else.

This mindfulness is the Buddha nature that dogs have. What human beings strive so diligently to achieve, dogs have without a moment of effort.”


4 responses to “Who Is the Mindful Dog Owner?

  1. I do love this post and the Alan Watts quote. I’ll tweet it now. May your moments be full of Buddha nature, opening to each breath, doggie or otherwise.

  2. Thanks, DTF! Sending the same warm, Buddha-ful wishes back to you. 🙂

  3. This is a lovely microwave-sized description of mindful engagement with life. Superb, thank you.

  4. Thanks, Margaret! I took a peek at your blog–what a wonderful descriptor “Microwave Meditations” is. Sort of encapsulates how frantic life can get in this culture, but it is always possible to stop, even for a moment, to breathe and contemplate.

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