Say the command once

Many dog owners make the mistake of repeating commands (much like they would with a disobedient kid): “Fido, come. Come. Come. Come! Come here!!”

This teaches your dog that the command is meaningless. Say the command one time, mean it, and enforce it.


4 responses to “Say the command once

    • Thanks! Have you had occasions when you find yourself repeating a command?

      • In the past, my family had a Shih Tzu and we all made the mistake of repeating commands and ended up with a dog that wouldn’t listen to us at all.

        Thankfully, with my three lads, I went to training classes right from the beginning and once of the first things that was taught was the importance of saying the command once! It’s still tempting to repeat a command, but I make sure to stop myself and commit to the original command!

  1. Very good! 🙂
    I posted a related comment on Facebook: “When you give your dog a command, say it once and mean it. Notice how your voice changes when you answer a question but are guessing (“Um…Peoria?”) versus your tone when you absolutely know the answer (“Peoria.”) When you give a command in the authoritative tone that means “I’m only going to say this once,” your dog learns to respect you.

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